Book Recommendations

Whether you're looking to gain or further your knowledge on more sustainable practices, efforts that you can make to benefit our environment and ecology, overall health pertaining to food, soil, and conservation agriculture, or just learn something new; here are some book recommendations  from Sustainable Land Solutions!

Nature's Best Hope

By: Douglas W. Tallomy

Bringing Nature Home

By: Douglas W. Tallomy

The Soil Will Save Us

By: Kristin Ohlson

The Hidden Half of Nature

By: David R. Montgomery, Anne Bikle

Growing a Revolution

By: David R. Montgomery


By: David R. Montgomery

Second Nature

By: Michael Pollan

In Defense of Food

By: Michael Pollan

The Omnivore's Dilemma

By: Michael Pollan


By: Michael Pollan

The Hidden Life of Trees

By: Peter Wohlleben


By: Eugenia Bone

Dirt to Soil

By: Gabe Brown

Holistic Management: A commonsense Revolution to Restore Our Environment

By: Judy Butterfield, Allan Savory

The Triumph of Seeds

By: Thor Hanson

This Is Your Brain on Food

By: Uma Naidoo MD

Healthy Brain, Happy Life

By: Wendy Suzuki, Billie Fitzpatrick

How Not to Die

By: Michael Greger MD, Gene Stone

Brain Maker

By: David Pearlmutter, Kristin Loberg