Eco-Friendly Lawn Maitenance

Enjoy your personal oasis a little more this summer with out Quiet, Eco-Friendly Lawn Maintenance service! What our all electric equipment means to you:- Zero Emissions- 2-4 times quieter than gas- No stinky fumes around your house- No 2.5 particulate matter to flare up allergies- Together we're working towards a cleaner & healthier environment


Why SLS?

Besides our premium, environmentally friendly equipment, what else differentiates us from everyone else? Anyone with a truck, trailer, mower, string trimmer, and blower can service a lawn. So why choose Sustainable Land Solutions?

-We service your lawn using only the best lawn maintenance practices to ensure that your lawn is always be in tip top shape!

-We mow weekly at a standard height of 3.75". This helps to keep a canopy of turf above the soil line to prevent sunlight from reaching and germinating possible weed seeds, keeps soil moist to prevent your lawn going into drought and heat stress, and keeps optimal color as mowing short cuts the deep green right off!

-We mainly provide push mowing services as well! This mitigates risk of rutting, as our machines are much lighter than ride on machines!

-Push mowing also reduces soil compaction, which allows your lawns roots to grow healthily underground and in turn, to grow healthy turf!

-Our push mowing service also mitigates the risk of tearing up your beautiful lawn when turning!

-We also provide at least one "Lawn Art" cut per month as a way to vary up our mowing patterns in an effort to again reduce risk of soil compaction

Your lawn matters to us! We understand that here at SLS and we strive to provide you with the best service for your investment!