Snow Removal

When it comes to Snow Removal, look no further! We've got you covered, or rather uncovered! SLS offers our clients snow removal based upon YOUR needs! Weather you're an on call first responder or you're working from home and have no rush to leave the house anytime soon; we offer priority based snow removal options to fit your needs!

We provide our snow removal services exclusively using only snow throwers, shovels, brushes and spreaders! We understand the value of your property and choose to use equipment to protect your valued assets from the damage of heavy plows that scrape your paved surfaces and compact snow into your beautiful hardscaping, landscaping, and of course your lawn! Weather you have a freshly paved driveway, cobblestone driveway, flagstone walkways, upright edging, or freshly paved sidewalks and aprons; you'll never have to worry about large metal blades scratching up, pushing over, or breaking through your investments!

Every clearing includes an application of an environmentally friendly ice melt as well! Regular rock salt can be extremely corrosive to your hard surfaces, lawn, and gardens! We use a calcium and magnesium ice melt which not only ensures our number one priority, the safety of you and your family, but is less harmful to these surfaces and adds nutrients to the surrounding soil! We also understand if you choose to skip the ice melt, as we will respectfully honor your request and note this to ensure that you're service is exactly what you're looking for!


What if there's only icy weather in the forecast?

Don't worry! Our snow removal service includes deicing as well!

Do you also clear off our vehicles!

Yes! We certainly do! You and your families safety is our top priority! We clear your vehicles accumulation to prevent it from coming off while driving to make sure that you and other motorist around you stay as safe as possible!

Is the snow removal equipment also all electric/battery powered?

All of our lawn and landscaping equipment is all electric, however, due to the commercial grade equipment needed, our snow removal services include gas and electric equipment.

How do I know when I'll be cleared if I choose to wait?

We only offer snow removal to a limited amount of clients to keep up with local regulations that state that snow must be cleared within 24 hours after the ending of the snowfall.