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Heather Mayer, Lafayette Hill, PA

"Professional with a quick response
Very quiet and eco friendly landscaping job"

- 5/5 Stars -Facebook

Steve D., Plymouth Meeting, PA

"Reliable, attention to details and quiet. In addition to my lawn I had them put in a pollinator garden this year and it's working out great - all native plants"

- 5/5 Stars - Yelp

Will Oleckna, Lafayette Hill, PA

"It is my pleasure to spread the word about this great business, which is operated by a fantastic, bright owner. Sustainable Land Solutions is a company focused on delivering first-class results using 100% clean, battery operating technology. The equipment is so quiet and it does not leave a stench, meanwhile, the cuts are so clean and the lines precise. The owner, Gerhart, is extremely nice and knowledgeable. We have been customers for 2 years for mowing, blowing, whacking, and edging (my curbs used to be overtaken with crabgrass and not are so perfect). Sustainable Land Solutions has also done installations of trees, shrubs, and flowers; built and managed hardscaping; and done other reasonable, miscellaneous jobs. Gerhart and SLS are very professional, with jobs and quotes, and reliable every day of the week. I cut my own grass for a few years before hiring a low-budget, neighborhood guy, but there is no comparison when it comes to quality and service. Thank You!"

- 5/5 Stars - Google

Sara N., Plymouth Meeting, PA

"I'm very proud to recommend Sustainable Land Solutions, a local landscaping business owned and operated by Gerhart Arndt. From the first day, it has been such a positive experience with this company, and I look forward to being a client for many more seasons! Gerhart is as trustworthy as he is hardworking; and you could set a clock to his punctuality and responsiveness. Every week, Gerhart arrives fully equipped and quietly landscapes the property. His mowing and maintenance of the entire yard service is very thorough, efficient, and clean. And he has shared invaluable guidance regarding the long-term and responsible care of our greenspace and environment. Gerhart and Sustainable Land Solutions provide excellent services while also prioritizing the safety and health of our local community."

- 5/5 Stars - Yelp